About Us


Founded in Austin, Texas in 2002, LiveFire Labs is an advanced technology training company that focuses on the UNIX and Linux operating systems and related technologies.

The team's passion for technology, process and product improvement, and affordable but quality professional development tools is what led to the creation of LiveFire Labs' unique and innovative Internet-based hands-on learning model.

Classroom Experience Without The Classroom Expense and Inconvenience

The vision of LiveFire Labs is to deliver an online learning experience superior to all other computer-based training options.

This is achieved by providing students with the same hands-on practice and personal interaction available with classroom-based training without the accompanying high course fees, overhead expenses, and personal and professional inconvenience.

Learn By Doing

The course feedback and testimonials received from students over the past 10 years has confirmed that being able to "learn by doing" on real lab servers is the #1 reason why they register for our online courses, and is the feature they say that has helped them the most in understanding and retaining the material they are studying. It is also why they recommend LiveFire Labs to colleagues and friends.

An Invitation

We hope you decide to take a course with us to discover why our students are extremely passionate about our online learning model.