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LiveFire Labs: Online UNIX Training with Hands-on Internet Lab - Demo Course The purpose of this demo is to introduce you to the web-based course content interface, and also to demonstrate how a course's hands-on lab exercises are integrated with the course to reinforce key concepts as you learn them.

Prior to viewing the demo course, it would be good for you to understand LiveFire Labs' online training model.

How It Works - Practice on a Real Server

You will use two windows while taking the course. One will be your preferred web browser, which is used to access the course content, and the other is an SSH client that is used to securely connect to a lab system to complete the course's hands-on exercises. (The "Getting Started" email you receive after registering for a course includes a download link to a free SSH client for the PC, and you already have one on your computer if you use a Mac.)

Throughout the course content there will be hands-on lab exercises to reinforce key learning concepts. When you encounter an exercise, you will switch to the SSH window that is logged in on the lab system to complete the exercise following the detailed instructions provided in the course material. An answer key containing solutions to all of the lab exercises is provided with the course material.

Student Interface & Course Content Highlights

  • Web-based - works with any web browser
  • Lab Guide & FAQ - explains course conventions and lab server connectivity
  • Answers & Commands - solutions to lab exercises and a list of UNIX commands used in the course
  • Lab Support - send us any questions you may have without leaving the student interface
  • Course Map - expanded course outline with easy access links to quickly jump between course topics

Course Navigation Quick Start

Click on the light blue forward and back arrow buttons to move between course pages.

LiveFire Labs: Online UNIX Training with Hands-on Internet Lab
If a section contains one or more hands-on exercises, the "Try This" image and exercise title is displayed at the bottom of the course page.

LiveFire Labs: Online UNIX Training with Hands-on Internet Lab
Clicking on this image will display the instructions for the hands-on exercise. Click on the light blue back arrow button to return to the parent course page.

View Demo Course

Only one module in the demo course has been populated with actual content, and lab system access is provided after registration.

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