Python Programming I: Fundamentals and Beyond


LiveFire Labs: Python Programming I: Fundamentals and Beyond

LiveFire Labs' online Python Programming I course teaches the fundamentals of the Python programming language, as well as foundational programming concepts and practices in general.

Key concepts are reinforced with sample code (which includes detailed line-by-line explanations), hands-on lab exercises, and a real-world course project that you develop as you work through the course.

An intuitive web-based development environment, which is hosted on our servers, is used to edit, save and run your Python programs from a single web browser window, and can be accessed from any Internet-connected computer with a web browser.

Like all of our courses, this course takes the approach that learning by doing is the best method to quickly become proficient with a new skill or technology.

Course Highlights

  • Real-world Project - build a web crawler and simple search engine with Web accessible front-end
  • More than Python - learn HTML, CSS, CGI and MySQL basics for Web front-end and back-end index
  • 100% Cloud-based - nothing to install on your computer...a Web browser is ALL that is needed
  • Not just Syntax - learn programming algorithms and standard programming and debugging techniques
  • Object-oriented Programming (OOP) - learn the basics of OOP and code your own classes
  • Quizzes - each course module has a brief quiz to confirm your understanding of key concepts
  • Student Support (yes, from a REAL human!) - send us any questions you may have without leaving the student interface

Real-world Project.  Build your own Web Crawler and Search Engine while learning Python.

In addition to the standalone hands-on programming exercises used to reinforce key Python programming concepts, you will be working on an evolving real-world project as you progress through the course.

When learning a new programming language, there is nothing better to keep you motivated and engaged than building an application that actually does something useful and is beneficial to others.

To finish this challenging assignment, you will need to learn the basics for a few of the complementary full-stack technologies needed to create a complete end-to-end solution ...

More than Python.  Learn HTML, CSS, CGI and MySQL basics for the course project.

This course walks you through the basics of HTML, CSS, CGI and MySQL as you build the Internet / Web accessible front-end and configure and populate your own MySQL database to store the search engine index on the back-end.

At the end of the course, your perseverance rewards you with a functioning web crawler / scraper and a simple search engine that YOU developed! It will be accessible on your personal student website, which is hosted on our server and is cleanly integrated with your lab environment. Your student website will be live on the Internet for the duration of the course, and you can share the link with others so that they can check out your awesome work!

100% Cloud-based.  Nothing to install on your computer.

The course's Web-based Development Environment (WDE) is preconfigured and ready-to-go. All you need to take the course is a web browser with Internet connectivity.

The WDE allows you to create, edit, save and run Python programs from a single web browser window, and also lets you open terminal sessions on the back-end lab server so that you can run Python's interactive interpreter or execute programs from the command line.

Don't worry if any of this is new to you. It will be covered by the course's Student Guide before you start learning to program with Python.

*Remember, you DO NOT need to download or install Python or any other software on your computer since everything you need to learn Python programming is hosted on our servers.

Not just Syntax.  Learn to think like a programmer.

Most Python programming courses teach you Python concepts and syntax and then have you perform programming exercises to reinforce what you learn. We wanted to move the bar higher with this course, and go beyond what is typical and expected. In addition to covering standard Python programming syntax, this course will teach you:

- background technical and historical information about computers, programming languages and Internet / Web technologies
- different approaches for debugging your programs
- programming algorithms
- iterative programming techniques
- test driven development
- documentation practices and habits

...we also try to have a little fun along the way!

Fundamentals of Object-oriented Programming (OOP).

No Python Programming course would be complete without having at least an introduction to classes and objects. Learn Python Object-oriented Programming basics so that you will feel comfortable with OOP and will also be ready for our advanced Python programming course and more technical programming endeavors in general.

Quizzes.  Check your understanding.

Everyone loves a quiz, right? There is a brief quiz at the end of each course module to confirm your understanding of the key concepts introduced in that module.