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"Your web (instructional) and UNIX lab system availability/reliability has been 100%. The material is clear and well presented. I have had the benefit of seeing a good bit of the basic course material before in other formats, and your 'to the point' approach has helped pull the ideas all together for me. The lab component is very good, taking it from 'head knowledge' to 'applied knowledge' immediately."

R. Burke
Capacity Analyst

"I actually learned something in your class. The lessons are written in plain English and the exercises are practical and involve real world situations. Absolutely the best IT class I have ever taken online."

Kenneth R.
Corona del Mar, California

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UNIX Shell Scripting Interview Prep Mini-Course

The UNIX Shell Scripting Interview Prep Mini-Course modules, which are pulled directly from our comprehensive UNIX and Linux Operating System Fundamentals course (see course link under "Popular Online Courses" below), cover essential shell scripting concepts you should understand for an interview:
  • Creating a Shell Script
  • Accessing Data from a Shell Script
  • Test Command
  • Conditional/Flow Control Statements
  • Loop Structures
  • Checking Return Codes
More importantly, the mini-course includes access to a lab system (login account) for completing the mini-course's 5 lab exercises.  For the lab exercises, you will write and run shell scripts that reinforce key concepts as you study them.  Having access to a lab system also allows you to practice writing other scripts to prepare you for your interview.

Here are the 5 lab exercises included in the mini-course:
  • Creating and Running a Shell Script
  • Accessing Environment Variable Data from a Shell Script
  • Accessing Command Line Arguments from a Shell Script
  • Using the if-then with the test command
  • Using the for Loop
(Solutions for the lab exercises are included with the course.)

Additionally, any questions you may have while working through the mini-course are answered by an experienced UNIX professional over email.

If you have any questions about this mini-course or the hands-on lab, please contact us using the "Email a training specialist" form below.

Before you sign up for the mini-course, check out our article 20 UNIX Shell Scripting Interview Questions...and Answers!!! - Part I.

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